At Guanine Medical, I believe in the power of words and creative thinking, so I strive to make science clear and accessible.

Lisa Craig

Professor and Chair of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University

"Nisreen is a rigorous and meticulous scientist with an excellent ability to document her procedures and results. Her progress reports were clear, well-organized and informative. Her presentations were effective in distilling complex data into simple effective graphics. She has strong expertise in nucleic acids biochemistry, heme chemistry and drug development. She also has excellent interpersonal skills."

Dipankar Sen

Professor - Department of Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University

"Nisreen is a creative, perceptive, and superbly qualified scientist, with high-quality communication skills, both oral and written. Her oral presentations at national scientific conferences have received awards for the quality of her science and the excellence and clarity of her presentations. She has a strong background in the biochemistry of nucleic acids, enzymology, and in the disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry in general. She has very good interpersonal skills and is a careful listener as well as an outstanding communicator."